Expat Broker Amsterdam

Are you looking for an expat broker Amsterdam? It can be difficult for Expats Amsterdam to find a house in the Netherlands. There are all these rules and regulations where you have to deal with and know nothing about. An expat broker can help you find your dream home for the right price!

Answering questions

Where to live? What is the realistic value of a house? What if I pay too much? All these are questions that can be answered by your expat broker Amsterdam. Jarl Brouwer is an expat broker who has over 10 years of experience, he has helped many expats in Amsterdam purchase their dream home. First, he will create a profile with you so the search for matching properties can begin. Then, he will accompany you to viewings and give advice regarding the state of the house. 

Valuation and negotiations

Finding the right home for the right price can be tricky for expats Amsterdam. Did you fall in love with a house? An expat broker helps you defining a realistic valuation of a home and gives advice on (over) bidding. He also tells you about all possible risks. Do you want to bid on the house? Your expat broker Amsterdam will determine the bidding process with you, and conduct all further negotiations. 

Your dream home

Has an agreement on your dream home been reached? Your expat broker will assess the provisional purchase agreement and monitor the agreements that are included. He will also give you advice regarding the building inspection, mortgage and notary. The expat broker Amsterdam will be present on the day of the transaction, provide the last inspection of the house and take you through the report. If all this is good, we can visit the notary! Your expat broker will provide total guidance in this process. 

We can make expats Amsterdam find their dream home! Are you looking for an expat broker Amsterdam? Contact us for more information: 020- 7220808 or via amsterdam@iqmakelaars.nl. We are happy to tell you more about us.